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"Writers are a little below clowns, and a little above trained seals." 

John Steinbeck

I've been a writer for 27 years. I write scripts for film, TV and stage, including adapting books for the big screen, bringing characters to life on the small screen and delighting kids with lashings of panto cheese.


Most recently I've been working with UK producer Visionality to develop two epic teen books into screenplays. I'm also helping to create fresh, fun and different shows to bolster their growing slate of top notch IP.




52 x 7'

Pre-school 2D animation

When kids apply their wild imaginations, dressing-up skills and powers of play to what they think grown-up jobs are all about, going to work is a lot more fun!


Clear format, identifiable characters, straightforward narrative, a bit of peril, lots of adventure, simple dialogue, wall-to-wall humour...

"A writer's true challenge is to exhaust distraction. Only then can creativity overpower it."


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